Non qualified Plan Attorneys and QDRO Specialists

Your Client Deserves To Benefit From The Non-qualified Plan He Or She Is Eligible For

Many companies offer their executives or certain other employees retirement benefits that do not qualify for favorable tax treatment such as supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs) or non qualifying deferred compensation (NQDC). These retirement benefits are considered marital property but they are treated differently and are divided by a domestic relations order (DRO). Protect your client by making sure he or she receives his or her share of the marital property in a timely manner and with no difficulties.

If you opt to draft the DRO yourself, you run the risk of missing an important piece of information or writing the DRO so vaguely it can easily be misinterpreted. QDRO Preparations, LLC, can draft your DRO so that your client receives his or her marital property with no difficulties.

Our attorneys and QDRO Specialists have extensive training in how DROs should be drafted:

  • To ensure your client gets exactly what he or she was promised as part of the divorce decree
  • To ensure that the language in the DRO benefits your client and not the plan administrator or the company offering the non-qualified benefit

Get The Information You Need Early So You Can Incorporate It Correctly

Our lawyers and QDRO specialists get all of the information from the plan provider and work with you to craft your DRO prior to submitting the settlement agreement to the court or attending a hearing. This early preparation allows you to include the specific language in the DRO as part of the final divorce decree. This can prevent many misinterpretations later on when the alternate payee starts receiving his or her share of the benefits.

You want to offer your client the best representation possible. Let us help you do that by taking some of the work off of your hands.

Use Our Experience And Knowledge To Help Your Client

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