Attorneys and QDRO Specialists Handling QDROs For Stock Options And ESOPs

Help Your Clients The Most Out Of The Benefits Their Companies Give

Stock options and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are used by companies to help employees feel more invested in their employer's ventures. But what happens to that investment when your client gets divorced? You need to ensure your client does not lose part or all of these benefits because of a mistake in your qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

At QDRO Preparations, LLC, we understand the many pitfalls a lawyer can encounter when trying to draft a QDRO for a client. That is why our attorneys and QDRO specialists assist family law firms all over the country with their QDROs. It takes skill, knowledge and training to include the correct terms, provision and details so the participant and the alternate payee do not encounter problems in the future.

Our team works closely with you to customize your client's QDRO to his or her specific needs. We provide all of the necessary information about the QDRO and how your client's stock options or ESOP plan will be divided before you submit a settlement agreement or go to court. This ensures the correct language to protect your client is included in the final divorce decree.

What Do I Need To Know About Dividing These Plans?

There are several questions you need to ask when dividing stocks, including:

  • What is the marital share of the stock at the time of the divorce?
  • When is the participant fully vested and how does that affect each party's portion of the plan?
  • Who pays the fees associated with preparing the QDRO or additional fees imposed by the plan administrators?
  • How will the tax burden be shared when the plan is available for distribution upon the participant's retirement?

Most lawyers do not have the time or training to properly draft a QDRO. Instead of risking what may be your client's greatest asset, let us handle the important details so your client gets everything he or she is entitled to and you give your client the best representation possible.

Make Sure The QDRO Is Written To Benefit Your Client

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