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A Professionally Drafted QDRO Protects You And Your Client

You can contact the plan administrator and get the information yourself. You can use one of the automated systems that fill in all of the appropriate information and submits the qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) for you. Will those options protect your client and ensure that he or she gets the best representation? Probably not.

Working with a lawyer and QDRO specialist who have extensive experience in the preparation and submission of QDROs will give you and your client more peace of mind that everything has been taken care of and there will be no nasty surprises once your client's retirement funds are divided. QDRO Preparations, LLC, can make sure the right protections are in place.

Our team of attorneys and QDRO specialists are trained in the proper drafting of QDROs. We have prepared hundreds of these documents for many different retirement plans. We serve attorneys and individuals all over the country. We are well-versed in QDRO law and know the language that needs to be added to ensure your client is getting the most benefit and the best protection.

Our firm can draft QDROs for:

Addressing All Of Your Client's Needs When Drafting A QDRO

We work with the plan administrators to get the specific list of requirements for your client's QDRO. Our attorneys and QDRO specialists craft the documents to fit your client's needs and ensure that he or she is fully protected and will get his or her share of the retirement fund in question, whether it happens now or at a later date.

You can draft a QDRO yourself, but by doing that, you open yourself up to potential problems further down the road. Work with us to make sure your client's QDRO is drafted and submitted properly.

Trust Your Clients' Interests To Us

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