The Role Of QDROs In Divorce

Get An Experienced Family Law Attorney and QDRO Specialist To Draft Your QDRO

Divorce is a difficult thing at the best of times. Dividing your lives can get very complicated very quickly. Property division includes a portion of, or all of, your retirement accounts, depending on how long you were married and how long you have had the accounts.

You do not have to liquidate these accounts and pay the taxes and penalties right now. Instead, you can use a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to inform your plan administrator of what needs to happen once your retirement funds become available.

At QDRO Preparations, LLC, our main focus is on helping individuals and lawyers all over the country obtain properly drafted QDROs to fit their needs. As an individual going through a divorce, you want to make sure everything is explained clearly so you do not find any nasty surprises when you go to access those funds for your retirement.

Our attorneys and QDRO specialists work with you to ensure that your QDRO is drafted to your specific needs and in your interests. We obtain the information you will need to submit to your spouse and to the courts, prior to the final divorce decree. This protects you by ensuring the language in the decree is correct and cannot be misinterpreted in the future.

Why Do I Need A QDRO As Part Of My Divorce?

When you get divorced, you must divide all of your marital property between the two of you. This includes retirement plans, 401(k) plans, stocks and other financial instruments. If you owned these instruments during your marriage, part or all of them will be subject to division as part of the divorce.

A QDRO instructs your plan administrator on how you want this division to happen, now or in the future. You should know that most plan administrators draft their QDRO documents to be to their advantage, not to yours. We know the changes that must be made to these documents to ensure they are written to protect you.

We can work directly with you, or with your attorney, to draft your QDRO. We contact your plan administrators prior to the final submission of your settlement agreement so all of the appropriate information is included in the documents received by your spouse and the courts.

Protect Your Golden Years Now With A Properly Drafted QDRO

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