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Make Sure Your QDRO Is Written To Benefit Your Client, Not The Administrator

Most attorneys make the assumption that they can get the sample qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) from the plan administrator, fill in the information and send it back for approval. Unfortunately, these sample QDROs are written in the plan administrator's favor, not in favor of your client. You may be doing your client a great disservice by using the template the plan administrator sends you instead of working with a lawyer who has extensive experience in preparing QDROs.

When you work with QDRO Preparations, LLC, you will speak to a qualified attorney and QDRO specialist who has QDRO training and drafting experience. Every QDRO we prepare is crafted to the individual's needs. We know the language that will protect you and your client from potential problems once his or her retirement funds mature. When you consider that retirement accounts are typically the most valuable asset in a divorce, how can you fail to offer your client this important protection?

Get The Specifics You Need To Ensure The QDRO Protects Your Client's Interests

You need to include specific language about the QDRO in the settlement agreement or your documentation for trial, so it is listed in the final divorce decree. If you do not do this, your client may end up paying fees he or she had not anticipated, or the language may be so vague, his or her ex-spouse may demand more of the retirement funds. Mistakes like this can lead to professional malpractice suits.

Our attorneys and QDRO specialists work with you to ensure you have the specific language you need to present to your client, his or her spouse and the courts. We make sure everything is laid out clearly so there are no surprises in the future, including:

  • The percentage of the retirement fund each spouse will receive
  • The effective date of division
  • Who will pay for the QDRO to be drafted
  • How taxes are divided between the parties
  • What happens if one party dies
  • Payment of child and spousal support through a QDRO

We will address all of this and more in the preparation of your QDRO.

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