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The majority of family law attorneys will deal with qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) at some point during their careers. Most lawyers believe they understand what should be a very straightforward system. Actually obtaining the necessary information from the financial plan administrator, filling in the correct names, dates and divisions of retirement funds and submitting this for approval, can be far more complex.

  • What happens if your client and his or her spouse do not agree on exact percentages of division at the time of divorce?
  • What happens if the market crashes between the time you file the settlement agreement and the time you file the QDRO?
  • What happens if the plan administrator never approves the QDRO?

It is up to you to answer these and many other questions when dealing with QDROs as part of a divorce. If you do not come up with answers that satisfy your client, you may be sued for professional malpractice if something goes wrong in the future. Protect yourself and your client by working with QDRO Preparations, LLC.

We are a firm of skilled attorneys and QDRO specialists who work exclusively in family law. We know the many problems you face as you work with your clients on division of property and assets. We are trained in the correct way to prepare and process QDROs and understand the many nuances involved in how they are drafted. We have a team that is dedicated to helping lawyers get their QDROs done right the first time.

Protect Your Client's Greatest Assets

In most divorces, retirement funds are the largest asset a couple has to divide. If this is not done properly, it can cause serious complications when the funds mature and each person needs to access them.

Our team can help you address the QDRO in the agreement or final decree of divorce in order that certain provisions are covered and help protect you against malpractice. That way you can ensure the correct information is incorporated into the language of the final divorce decree, even if the QDRO is not filed until after the divorce is final.

We also research the exact information you will need to submit to complete your client's QDRO. This way, your documents will be approved by the plan administrator with little or no fuss and your client will know exactly what his or her former spouse will be receiving, so he or she can plan for his or her own retirement needs.

Protect Your Client, Protect Yourself

Do not leave your client's future to chance. Work with us to ensure your QDROs are done right. Call us at 205-704-2701 or contact us online to talk with us about your clients' needs.